Wireless Repeater Positioning

When positioning a wireless repeater, there’s a few things you need to take into account: distance, height and interference. Be prepared for some trial-and-error – ideal positioning will depend on the placement and construction of your walls, which objects are in the way and so on.

What You Need to Remember


Generally, the repeater should be placed at around the halfway point between your main router and the area that needs the signal boost. However you might need to play with this a little – if the repeater broadcasts a stronger signal than your router, you’ll probably find that setting it a bit closer to the router will increase the overall speed.


It’s generally best to set a repeater on higher ground – on top of a bookcase or mounted high on a wall. This helps with the propagation of the radio waves. The same applies to your main router.


Try to keep all your repeater devices away from other electronic devices – cordless phones, wireless mice and the like especially, since they tend to use the same 2.4GHz band you might be using. Even halogen lamps and microwaves can cause signal disruptions. Also try and keep it away from metal objects like filing cabinets or shelving. Again, try and do the same for the main router – you might find that the signal boost gives you a lot more options for positioning your repeater.

That’s all you’ve got to know for optimal wireless repeater positioning. Now get the best wireless repeater for you and get to it!