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Securifi Almond Review

Securifi Almond - World's 1st Touch Screen Wireless N Router + Range Extender + WiFi Bridge

My initial feeling about the Securifi Almond was that it would be a low-quality router by an unknown company – using its touchscreen gimmick to make sales. Upon further examination I realized my mistake – Securifi has put together an all-around great multi-purpose wireless device, and the touchscreen is merely a bonus. It has received a lot of positive attention – good signal quality, easy to setup and good customer service. The wireless repeater mode works very well, giving a solid boost to your network’s range. From the very beginning the touchscreen interface helps you set up the device in whichever mode you want, detects your existing wireless network and walks you through any configurations you need to make.

Securifi Almond Features:

  • b/g/n support
  • Multiple modes: Wireless Router, Wireless Access Point, Wireless Repeater and Wireless Bridge
  • Two Ethernet connectors
  • Built-in touchscreen router management panel


  • So easy to configure, it doesn’t even ship with a manual
  • Good compatibility with other wireless brands (for repeater and bridge mode)


  • No 5GHz support on Wireless-N

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ZyXEL WAP3205 Review

Wireless Repeater ZyXEL WAP3205The ZyXEL WAP3205 is a great multifunctional wireless networking tool, usable not only as a wireless bridge, but for pretty much any configuration you could require. Its main selling points are its multiple functionality (with plenty of bonus features) and low price. With the 300Mbps transfer rate the wireless connection should be seamless, minimizing video streaming jitters, gaming lag and dropped calls.

The is a good tool for wireless networking, with many functions. The Zyxel WAP3205 can be deployed in any mode you may need for your home or business networking layout – including wireless repeater mode. Its greatest advantage is its wide variety of functions – with a few bonus features – as well as its relatively low price. Troubled about whether it can keep up with streaming video and gaming? The 300Mbps this device offers should provide you with all the throughput you might require for your high-bandwidth online needs.


  • b/g/n support
  • Five modes: Access Point, Wireless Client, Wireless Bridge, WDS Repeater and Universal Repeater
  • Wireless Security: 64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2
  • LAN: Two 10/100Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 connectors with auto MDI/MDIX support
  • Two 2dBi external removable antennas
  • Multiple SSIDs for separate access levels for normal users and guests


  • Fairly low price (list price of $50.99, but the best deal is at ZyXEL WAP3205)
  • Plenty of functionality: Access Point, Wireless Client, Wireless Bridge, WDS Repeater and Universal Repeater modes
  • Good coverage with two external antennas


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Diamond Multimedia WR300N Review

Wireless Repeater Diamond Multimedia WR300NThe Diamond Multimedia WR300N is a highly popular multi-mode wireless device. While it appears to be marketed mainly as a repeater/extender-type device, it also has bridge and normal access point modes. Like the Linksys RE1000, it’s small and can be plugged into a wall socket directly, keeping it from crowding desk space. This also makes it a great travel device; in a hotel room with an ethernet port, for example, this device can quickly setup a wireless network for the whole room.

Diamond Multimedia WR300N Features:

  • b/g/n support
  • Modes: Wireless Repeater (Range Extender), Wireless Access Point and Wireless Bridge Device
  • LAN: 1 10/100 MBps Ethernet connector


  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Extremely portable and easy to deploy
  • Reasonable price (USD $59.99 list price, best price at amazon)
  • Good range, especially considering its small size


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Apple Airport Extreme (5th Gen) Review

Wireless Repeater Apple Airport Extreme (5th Gen)The Apple Airport Extreme 802.11N (5TH GEN) is Apple’s flagship multi-functional wireless device. It can be used as a router, wireless access point or wireless repeater. This is the newest model, with dual-band Wireless-N support as well as full backwards compatibility. Happily, this device is compatible with both PCs and Macs, featuring software for PCs to install and manage the device. It has guest networking features that allow guests to have internet access but restricts them from other parts of the network. An often-asked question about this device is whether it can be setup as a repeater – it certainly can, you only need choose that mode during configuration. However, it will only work as a repeater if the main router is another Apple Airport device.

Wireless Repeater Apple Airport Extreme Features:

  • a/b/g/n support
  • Multiple modes: Wireless Router, Wireless Access Point and Wireless Repeater
  • Three Gigabit Ethernet connectors
  • USB port
  • Guest networking capabilities


  • Very easy to configure – particularly for a Mac
  • Supports both Macs and PCs
  • Dual-band support


  • Slightly more cumbersome than other devices to setup on Windows and more expensive – a PC-only household may be better off buying a different brand

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NETGEAR WN2000RPT Range Extender Review

Wireless Repeater NETGEAR WN2000RPT Range ExtenderThe NETGEAR WN2000RPT Range Extender is a very standard, high-quality dedicated repeater device. It has all the compatibility and features a decent wireless repeater should have – full compatibility spectrum, extra ethernet ports, security standards support. A fascinating uncommon feature this device has are status LEDs that help determine optimal positioning. These LEDs give real-time link-rate information allowing to set up the repeater in the best location possible for your devices.

NETGEAR WN2000RPT Range Extender Features:

  • b/g/n support
  • Status LEDs for ideal positioning
  • LAN: 4 Ethernet ports
  • On/Off Switch for energy conservation


  • Easy setup with a simple push-button procedure for adding new devices
  • Plenty of Ethernet ports
  • Status LEDs help you find the ideal placement for the devices


  • There are some reports of intermittent signal losses – a firmware update after setting up the device seems to help
  • The range is not as much as it could be, especially in the generally range-impaired 5GHz band

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Hawking HOW2R1 Smart Repeater Review

Wireless Repeater Hawking HOW2R1 Smart

The Hawking HOW2R1 Hi-Gain Outdoor Wireless-300N Dual Radio Smart Repeater is a repeater/bridge device specifically designed for outdoor usage. To that end, it has a sturdy waterproof casing and comes with a waterproofing kit for the Ethernet jack. Its main point of interest (and the main reason for its relatively high price) is its “smart repeater” function: it has separate, high-gain antennae for receiving and for broadcasting. It has a quoted maximum range of 1000 feet.

While compatible with Wireless B/G/N, it unfortunately only supports the 2.4GHz band. It should definitely be a good choice for anyone needing to extend their signal outdoors (into the backyard, or another building, perhaps). Of course it could also be used indoors, however in that case a device designed for indoor use would most likely offer the same features for a lower price.

Hawking HOW2R1 Features:

  • b/g/n support – no dual band
  • Heavy-duty, outdoor-ready design
  • LAN: 1 Ethernet port
  • 1 antenna dedicated to receiving Wi-Fi signals and another for transmitting them


  • High range (at the high end of the spectrum for repeaters)
  • Can be wall- or pole-mounted for convenience and durability
  • Easy three-step setup


  • High price (in the $200 range) – see The less expensive Amped SR600EX might be a good alternative for an outdoor repeater.
  • Some customers report somewhat counter-intuitive setup procedures

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NETGEAR WN2500RP Range Extender Review

Wireless Repeater NETGEAR WN2500RP Range ExtenderThe NETGEAR WN2500RP Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender is another dedicated wireless repeating device. It’s on the higher end of the spectrum, offering dual band support and dynamic LED indicators to help find the best location. It’s the higher-end wireless repeater on a line of three NETGEAR has – the others being the WN2000RPT (see the review here) and the WN3000RP.

NETGEAR WN2500RP Range Extender Features:

  • a/b/g/n support – dual band
  • Status LEDs for ideal positioning
  • LAN: 4 Ethernet ports
  • On/Off Switch for energy conservation


  • Easy to setup with a button that can be pressed to add new devices
  • Plenty of Ethernet ports
  • Dynamic signal status LEDs help find the best placement
  • Quite inexpensive for its features – best price at amazon

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Amped SR10000 Review

Wireless Repeater Amped SR10000
The Amped SR10000 is a high-powered wireless repeater with an extremely high maximum range (quoted at up to 10,000 sq ft). There is a whole series of repeaters by Amped: the SR150 (3,000 sq ft), the SR300 (5,000 sq ft), the SR10000 and finally the weatherproof-enclosed SR600EX with a wireless range of up to 1.5 miles(!). The most popular appears to be the SR10000. This device is ideal for extending the range of your existing network within a large house or office building, and should allow you to comfortably access the wireless network even from the backyard (possibly even an adjacent park!).

Amped SR10000 Features:

  • b/g/n support
  • Modes: Wireless Repeater (Range Extender), Wireless Access Point and Wireless Bridge Device
  • LAN: 5 10/100 MBps Ethernet connectors
  • Antennas: 2 external 5dBi antennas


  • Easy configuration
  • Very portable and easy to deploy
  • Extremely high range


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TP-Link WL TL-WA901ND Review

Wireless Repeater TP-Link WL TL-WA901NDIf you’re after a wireless networking tool with multiple capabilities, the TP-Link WL TL-WA901ND is a great choice. This will work magnificently for your wireless repeating needs, and if you end up needing it for something else in the future it’s pretty much guaranteed to be up for the task. Its most attractive feature is the set of three 4dBi antennas that connect to the router externally and give this device great signal strength and range. Also notable is its comparatively low price for its functionality.

Features of the TP-Link WL TL-WA901ND

  • b/g/n support
  • Modes: Access Point, Wireless Client, Multi-SSID, WDS Repeater, Universal Wireless Repeater and Bridge (point-to-point and point-to-multi-point)
  • LAN: 1 10/100 MBps Ethernet connector
  • Three 4dBi external omni-directional detachable antennas


  • Easy to configure
  • Loads of functionality with many modes
  • Great signal strength with three antennas
  • Low price for a multi-mode device (list price of $54.67 – the best deal is at amazon)


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Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender Review

Wireless Repeater Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender
The Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender is a great dedicated wireless repeater. It can also be used as a bridge to connect wired devices to a wireless network. Its most attractive feature is its easy, fast installation: you can set it up in just a few minutes using the wizard on the CD that comes with the product. This device is a good, inexpensive solution if all you need is to extend your wireless signal to low-coverage areas or link up wired devices to your WiFi.

Linksys RE1000 Features:

  • b/g/n support
  • Extended range with two internal antennas
  • Fast Ethernet port to connect wired devices
  • Desktop placement or wall mounting
  • Quality of Service prioritization technology to prevent video streaming skips, avoid dropped calls and improve gaming performance


  • Fast, easy installation with CD
  • Flexible deployment options – optimize location and position for best range
  • Cheaper solution than multi-functional device by the same manufacturer


  • Its dedicated extender nature means you can’t use it for anything else if you end up reorganizing your network at a later date, unlike a multi-functional wireless tool (like the TP-Link WL TL-WA901ND)

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