Hawking HOW2R1 Smart Repeater Review

Wireless Repeater Hawking HOW2R1 Smart

The Hawking HOW2R1 Hi-Gain Outdoor Wireless-300N Dual Radio Smart Repeater is a repeater/bridge device specifically designed for outdoor usage. To that end, it has a sturdy waterproof casing and comes with a waterproofing kit for the Ethernet jack. Its main point of interest (and the main reason for its relatively high price) is its “smart repeater” function: it has separate, high-gain antennae for receiving and for broadcasting. It has a quoted maximum range of 1000 feet.

While compatible with Wireless B/G/N, it unfortunately only supports the 2.4GHz band. It should definitely be a good choice for anyone needing to extend their signal outdoors (into the backyard, or another building, perhaps). Of course it could also be used indoors, however in that case a device designed for indoor use would most likely offer the same features for a lower price.

Hawking HOW2R1 Features:

  • b/g/n support – no dual band
  • Heavy-duty, outdoor-ready design
  • LAN: 1 Ethernet port
  • 1 antenna dedicated to receiving Wi-Fi signals and another for transmitting them


  • High range (at the high end of the spectrum for repeaters)
  • Can be wall- or pole-mounted for convenience and durability
  • Easy three-step setup


  • High price (in the $200 range) – see amazon.com. The less expensive Amped SR600EX might be a good alternative for an outdoor repeater.
  • Some customers report somewhat counter-intuitive setup procedures

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