Best Wireless Repeater 2011

Best Wireless Repeater of 2011This is a list of the best-selling wireless repeater devices of 2011. The primary source is’s list of bestsellers in this category. Each device (with one exception) has had its own review on this website, so for more detail on each entry please feel free to read the full review.

  1. Diamond Multimedia 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless Range Extender (WR300N)
  2. The Diamond WR300N is a great cheap wireless repeater device, which also supports wireless access point and bridge modes. Its main downside is that it only has one ethernet port, which might mean you need to use it in tandem with an ethernet hub to fulfill your particular networking needs.

    The unique feature the WR300N brings to this list is its compact size: it’s designed to plug directly into a power source, making it easier to keep things neat and tidy. Its compact size also makes it very travel-friendly, and you could use it to create you own wireless network in a hotel room that only offers wired network access, for example.
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  3. Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N Smart Repeater and Range Extender (SR300)
  4. The SR300 is the only item on this list that hasn’t been reviewed on at the time of writing. However, it was mentioned on the review of the SR10000, which is its close relative. The only real difference between the two devices is that the SR300 has half the range of the SR1000: 5,000 sq ft vs 10,000 sq ft for the SR10000.
    For more information about the SR300 than that just look at the SR10000 review.

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  5. Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater and Range Extender (SR10000)
  6. The second entry in this list by Amped, this extender is an upgrade to the SR300. It boasts a greater range (up to 10,000 sq ft), at an extra cost of about $40 USD. With 5 Ethernet ports, the SR10000 has the most ports out of the devices on this list. It has a great range, and all the standard features a basic Wireless-N repeater should have. It’s also a dedicated repeater device, made by a company with an entire series of such devices, designed specifically for high-quality range extension.
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  7. ZyXEL 300 Mbps Wireless N Access Point, Ethernet Client, Universal Repeater, and Range Extender (WAP3205)
  8. The ZyXEL WAP3205 is a fairly standard multi-mode access point device. It is the cheapest device on this list, priced at around $50 USD. It’s a decent solution for a home network that needs to be extended a little into an upper floor or remote area of the house. With its many modes it can also easily be redeployed as a bridge or access point later on as your networking needs change, without needing to get a new device.
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  9. NETGEAR Universal WiFi Range Extender WN2000RPT
  10. The NETGEAR WN2000RPT is the third dedicated repeater device that made this list. It’s cheaper than the Amped SR150 by about $20 USD, and seems to have a somewhat shorter range. Its status indicator LEDs are a great feature: they help you identify the ideal positioning for the device by notifying you of connectivity quality between itself and other devices. It is also known to be very easy to setup and configure.
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